Architecture - a phenomenon social and material . On the one hand it reflects the principles, tastes, priorities and needs of society, on the other - economic status and technological development of the country, region, city or area. Each new step in the development of society leads to more complex types of buildings. The progress of productive forces, who said of course, and the architecture associated with the use of natural building materials first, then man, as well as with the progressive development of structures and equipment - from brick construction to the installation of high-rise buildings. Variety of items, forms, structures and properties of materials allows the architect to create a diverse and stylistically, the buildings, meet increasing demands of society. The development of science and technology allows a person to improve architecture, creating a cost-effective models of buildings (the use of different natural properties).

Architecture permanently affect a person for its monumental shape. Depending on their composition, proportions and textures of colors, textures, shapes our inner world, perception, attitude. Literature is eternal, but not the building - they vary, for the reasons: aging (restoration - an expensive procedure), the change in tastes and traditions of society. From the picture is not "practical" value, but the building - there! Each building is a man, carrying a set of functions inherent to them during the design. Architecture - Functional!